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Meet Dennis

There are many reasons why I chose to work in the performing arts and more specifically directing.  My interest in theatre and music developed at an early age.  By the time I was three years old, I had made my television debut on the syndicated series, Romper Room, but that only the beginning.  My passion for the performing arts continued to develop throughout my teenage years.  Whether I was reenacting scenes from my favorite movies for my family and friends, organizing magic shows for the neighborhood, or orchestrating performances for my middle school jazz band and church choir, I knew I had to work in the performing arts.  Regardless of the genre, the common thread was always my need to connect with people on an emotional level.

I am most passionate about theatre that examines, debates or provides new insight on the issues that face African Americans, people of color or any marginalized group of people.  Ultimately, my goal is to use my artistic voice to tell passionate and emotionally moving stories that invite, encourage and inspire audiences to feel and discover a new social or political perspective.  By understanding these unique views, we can better understand our world and takes steps toward positive change.  


Dennis Whitehead Darling

Resume updates 9/2022

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"Dennis Whitehead Darling is a major asset to any room.  His precision with composition and staging, expertise in music, and dynamic dialog with actors and other creatives in the process make him a great director and collaborator. His work sings a rich tune full of joy and truth telling."

Patricia McGregor


"Dennis Whitehead Darling's production of our opera Blue Viola at Opera Memphis was a revelation. It's a difficult piece to get just right, with some problematic staging elements, and Dennis found incredible solutions to these moments that in at least two cases had Matt Boresi and I staring at each other in wonder and disbelief. He took our breath away. It was the third production of the piece we had seen, but his direction made it feel in many ways like a brand new and more impactful piece, without altering the text of the work in any way. Dennis is a great musician, and his deep understanding of how our piece functioned musically, combined with an insightful eye for visual storytelling and pacing, combined to make the Memphis production one we will cherish in our memory forever."

Peter Hilliard

Dule Hill.jpg

"Generous, thoughtful, detailed and highly collaborative, Dennis is a gift to any room that requires theatrical exploration and interrogation."

Colman Domingo

Dule Hill.jpg

"Dennis Whitehead Darling is a phenomenal talent. The insight he brings to a piece is a welcomed addition to any creative endeavor. For me personally, his help in the character development of Nat King Cole in “Lights Out: Nat King Cole” was invaluable. I look forward to the next opportunity we have to collaborate together! Dennis amazing artist and a wonderful gift."

Dulé Hill

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