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My Creative Process


Creating meaningful and engaging theatre requires collaboration between the designers, actors, and audience.  It is essential to my creative process to give each collaborator a voice and a platform to exchange ideas, express opinions and develop a cohesive work of art. 


I have always been an experiential learner who believes that it is through our experiences in life that make us who we are.  As a director of live performance, I embrace the opportunity to create intuitively and extemporaneously during the rehearsal process.


I believe there is a direct correlation between the words of a script and music. Both have pitch, tempo, rhythm, dynamics, and phrasing.  I draw from my extensive musical background and directly apply these musical attributes to a create both a visual and aural theatrical experience.  


My lifelong desire to emotionally and intellectually connect with others has helped define my abilities as a director.  I communicate on a multisensorial level so that I can articulate a clear and precise artistic vision.


My work has often been described as "singing a rich tune full of joy and truth-telling."  This quote speaks to my belief that the process of creating theatre and storytelling is a challenging and joyful experience that I embrace, share and weave into my work.


To tell a unique story, one must be willing to explore the possibilities and create beyond the pages of the script.  To prepare for any production, I develop a play analysis and concept as well as an added willingness to explore, examine and evolve throughout the rehearsal process. 

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